Science in Mrs. Arico's Class

Module 1- Health

(This unit will now as we discuss ourselves, our feelings/emotions, and it will continue through October. In Mrs. Arico's class we willl even refer back to it as we get near Thanksgiving)

In this module, students will learn about nutrition and the human body.

Essential Questions:

• What can we do to keep our bodies healthy and safe?
• What foods are healthy and unhealthy?

• What are germs and how can we prevent the spread of germs?

• What are the functions of the brain, lungs, stomach and heart?


-Identify the heart, brain, and lungs on the human body

-Identify safe and unsafe medicines

-Understand the functions of the heart, brain, and lungs

-Categorize and classify healthy and unhealthy foods

-Sort foods into food groups (may use Math Trailblazers Unit 16)

-Understand what germs are and prevention of the spread of germs

-Understand safety rules