Birthday Parties

Your child's birthday is an important event in their life! They will be celebrating their special day in class with me and their peers.

One to two weeks prior to your child's birthday, you will receive a letter and a birthday menu for your family to read.

(See the bottom of the screen for the birthday menu!)

WHES is beginning a healthier birthday initiative! Instead of birthday snacks like cupcakes and cookies, we are offering students an opportunity to choose an option from our Birthday Menu as their special birthday treat! Discuss the 9 options with your child and return the pamphlet to me promptly so we can plan accordingly for their big day!

Regardless of their choice, we will sing to them and they will wear a special birthday hat to receive the proper recognition they deserve.

We always try to celebrate their birthdays on the actual day. When it falls on the weekend or during a school vacation, we will find the perfect day!

If you will need to drop something off, please do so first thing in the morning.

****ALLERGIES ****

If your child has a food allergy, we will make special arrangements to have a special treat box in the classroom, that your child may choose a snack from.















Birthdays are special events that only come once a year!


Jane - 9/25

Julius - 9/27


Destynee - 10/12


Joel - 11/5

Diego - 11/12

Daniela - 11/20

Faith - 11/25


Aaron - 12/5

Halley - 12/17

Steven - 12/24


Daniella - 1/7


Danica - 2/25



Jacob - 4/20

Teanna - 4/23


Emma - 5/1

Ethan - 5/5

Ariana - 5/18


Robert 6/24

Sawyer - 6/27


Mrs. Arico - 7/11

Aidan - 7/17

Jahsaan - 7/19




Click here for the

Birthday Menu