Our class has an extensive library. All of our books are organized in baskets by reading level, book series, authors, genres, and topic. The books are also placed in specific colored baskets. The children are encouraged to select books one level below their DRA number to improve fluency and at their DRA level to provide an adequate challenge for them.

The children are always encouraged to find a book that is "JUST RIGHT" for them. The link to the left can be clicked on to remind the children how to find a "Just Right Book."

Picking Appropriate Books at their Reading Level

At conferences, you will get information that pertains to your child's reading level. This information will be in the form of a DRA score. It is easy to choose appropriate books for your child once you have that information.

I have included a link on here to help you find books that your child can read independently and successfully. Please always remember to ask your child questions about what they have read to bring their reading to the next level, thus challenging them. All you need to do is scroll down to your child's DRA level. Many of the books on here are available at Rose Memorial Library and Haverstraw King's Daughter's Public Library or any book store.