Hello Mrs. Arico's Math-a-Magicians!

Below you will find a collection of exciting games and websites to practice the math skills that we are learning in class. Have fun!



Number Sense				   Telling Time				Addition
Splat Squares				Stop the Clock				Online Practice
Base Ten Blocks				Stop the Clock (half hour)		Hidden Pictures
Counting by 2's				Stop the Clock (15 min)			Concentration			
Counting by 5's				Stop the Clock (5 min)			Math Magician
Ghost Blasters- Even Numbers 		Stop the Clock (1 min)			Speed Grid -1
Ghost Blasters- Odd Numbers		Telling Time					Speed Grid -2
Color Pattern				What Time Will it Be?			Speed Grid -3
Cookie Dough			     	Set the Clock				Double Digit Addition
Crack the Number Pattern      		MANY GREAT TIME SITES		Sum Sense
Number Cracker				Time Quiz to the Hour			MANY ADDITION GAMES
Skip Counting				Time Quiz to the Half Hour	  	Lessons and Games
Place Value Puzzler	    	 	Calendar					Add Like Mad-Challenging
Dragon Eggs- Odd and Even		Matching Time				Jet Ski Addition
Pattern Mania				Teaching Clock				Printable Timed Tests
Place Value					Clock Flashcards				Word Problems
Pumpkin Sort		     		Roy the Zebra Calendar Game
Count by 2's					Time Match up
Count by 5's
Connect by 5's and 10's

Ordinal Numbers			Comparing Numbers			Graphing								
Roller Coaster				Alligator's Lunch				Create a Graph
Get in Line					Comparing Numbers			Matching Graphs
Squigley's Apples				Greater Than and Less Than		Bar Graph Creator
Ordering Numbers				Dive for Treasure <, >			Bugs in the System
Count Us In					Penny Prize <,>				Make a Graph
Cats in a Line				More, Fewer, SameSimple Graphing Story
Ordinal Number Math Up 
Ordinal Numbers

Geometry					Fractions					Measurement
3-D Shapes					Fraction Flags				Measure It!
2-D Shapes					Who Wants a Pizza?				Estimating Temperatures
Solid Figure Factory			Fraction Cards				Measuring Tools
Loading Shapes				Fraction Quiz				Teaching Measurement
Symmetry					Pizza Party					Count Us In
Line of Symmetry Game			Bowling for Fractions			The Ruler Game
Sort the Shapes				Action Fraction				Max's House Size Poem
Shape Lab					Fraction Game				Easy Inches Game
Shape Maze					Dolphin Racing				Sleuths on the Loose
Shapes Sorter				Fraction Video, Game, Quiz
Square Sites					Thirteen Ways to Make a Half
Squares and Rectangles			Fraction Tutorial
Pattern Block Sites				Matching Fractions
Do You Know About Symmetry?		Fraction Games
Sketching Symmetry
Interactive Pattern Blocks
Line Symmetry Game
Kaleidoscope Symmetry Game

Money					Subtraction				 More Math Fun
Flashcards					Subtraction Tic Tac Toe			Arcademics
Spending Spree				Hidden Pictures				Fun Brain
Coins in a Cup				Concentration				MORE SECOND GRADE WEBSITES
Comparing Coin Values			Flashcards					Harcourt Math
Counting Money				Basket Math					AAA Math
Adding Coins				Math Magician				Math Cats	
Coins Tutorial				Ducky Race					Number Nut
MANY MONEY GAMES			Minus Mission				Math Timed Tests

Place Value
Place Value Calculator
Place Value Math Game
Place Value Puzzler
Life Guard
Dino Place Value
Place Value Cards
Shark Place Value


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