Reader's Theater in Mrs. Arico's Class!

Once a month, the children in Mrs. Arico's class will get the opportunity to participate in Reader's Theater! Sometimes we will perform for our own class, in a small group, and at times, even for other classes!  It’s one additional way to build reading fluency, but the benefits of Reader's Theater reach way beyond that.  The students must work together as a team throughout the entire process to make their performance a success. This activity is a favorite in Mrs. Arico's class!

A few of the benefits of and skills practiced during Reader's Theater are:

  • conflict resolution
  • planning and prep skills
  • organizational skills
  • teamwork, cooperation
  • reading fluency
  • reading comprehension
  • reading with expression
  • creative thinking
  • public speaking/performing
  • enthusiasm for reading and stories in general
  • reading for a purpose
  • motivating and engaging
  • integrates reading, writing, speaking, and listening

Mrs. Arico - Director