Indoor Recess

In the event of poor weather conditions the children will stay indoors.

They are able to bring small toys to play with during this time. It is asked that these items be labeled with their name and be kept in their backpack until they arrive back in the classroom. Electronic and items of value should be left at home and are not permitted in school.

A lunch monitor will oversee their activity.

During indoor recess I provide the children with options such as coloring, building with blocks or Lincoln Logs, assembling puzzles, using their dry erase boards, or reading a book.

Recess time is most children's favorite time of the day! It is a unstructured playtime where they are able to play ball, go on the swings and playground equipment, and see friends from other classes.

It is recommended that the children dress appropriately according to the weather that day. This includes shoes, coats, sweatshirts, and when needed, hats, scarves, and gloves.

Once in a while, recess can be overwhelming or an uncomfortable experience for some children. If your child expresses these feeling, please be sure to contact me as soon as possible, so that together we can alleviate their anxiety. It is often an easy situation to rectify.

Recess time is an ideal time to use the restrooms and to get a drink from the water fountain. By using this free time the children don't have to miss out on instructional time later on.

Lunch Time

Each day when the children arrive in school, they are asked if they are buying lunch. This count is reported to the cafeteria staff.

If they brought their lunch to school it goes in a green box until it is time to eat. That box is carried to and from the lunch room by 2 bin carriers. After they eat, they are to place their empty lunchbox back in the bin and it is delivered to the classroom while they are at recess.

You are able to prepay for lunch. Simply send in a check made out to 'School Lunch Fund" for any amount you choose. When you child purchases lunch, milk, and/or snacks the amount will be deducted daily.